Expat Cinema: The Truffle Hunters

Expat Cinema: The Truffle Hunters

Michael Dweck & Gregory Kershaw - Italy - 2020 - 84 minuten - taal: Italian - ondertiteling: English
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Deep in the forests of Piemond in northwestern Italy, a group of old men and their faithful dogs search for the world’s most expensive fungi: the white Alba truffle. Despite advanced modern technology, this rare delicacy has not yet been cultivated.

The men have been trained from generation to generation in the search for the truffles and they are accompanied by their dogs with their sharp smell. They lead a simple and peaceful life, in harmony with their dogs and the scenic environment. They are not tied to a mobile phone or internet and attach importance to maintaining personal contact with the fellow residents in their small community.

While the stock of the white Alba truffle is decreasing, the demand for this product is growing. Due to climate change, deforestation and the lack of young people willing to continue the tradition, the delicacy is more coveted than ever and the well-kept secret of the truffle hunters is in danger of being lost. Moreover, the men guard more than the mystery surrounding the Alba truffle: the key to a rich and meaningful life. The Truffle Hunters is a fascinating documentary directed by Michael Dweck & Gregory Kershaw.