Sonsbeek programma 5: Position and Discourse of the Present Cinema Experimentation

Mini Filmfestival ARKIPEL ihkv SONSBEEK'16 transACTION
diversen - 2016
43 minuten
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Experimentation is one thing underlying the invention of equipments and techniques for cinema, a new world of vision that started to view and imitate the nature by recordings various phenomena (naturally or deliberately) appearing in front of the lens. This first character of experimentation of course results merely in representation in its simple meaning, that is how the real world can be displayed ‘alive’, while we can learn the people’s responses when watching the pictures of that new world over a century ago. The reaction from the lay spectators were extraordinary while the intellectuals considered it as a nonexistent world, or merely its shadow.


Lembusura (WregasBhanuteja, Indonesia, 2014, 10 mins)
When the rain of ash from the eruption of Kelud hit Yogyakarta, a group of local young people came to be aware of the myths about anger Lembusura, a figure of stealth who guard The Mount of Kelud. These young men then tried to imagine and creat the Java’s mythological figure. Instead of showing the horrors of Lembusura figure, the film freely play the visual between representation and imagination through the camera and directing. Brush up on the story of the mystical sinister impression to slowly disappear and then presents a reciprocal game between fiction and documentary that infiltrate each other.

Post Scriptum (Santiago Parres, Spain, 2013, 8 mins.)
An experimental film with a thick dark shades. The elements of fantasy and horror mixed in the surrealistically poetic visual and narrative. This film takes viewers to dissolve in the imagination of the Pandora’s box of the future, which present in a semi-science fiction style that challenges our perception of the experience of visual representation and narrative flow which are intertwined.

Gli Immacolati (Ronny Trocker, Italia, 2013, 13 mins.)
By utilizing sophisticated 3D animation software of digital video, the film director is trying to rebuild a burned gypsy village by mass, based on memory of an event that is fatal to that village. We will explore every corner of the devastated township while it played with a narrative that tells the story of a woman who claimed to have been raped by two gypsy men. A grim tale of the chaotic world that is spoken through the visualization of darkness and hopeless.

Genre Sub Genre (YosepAnggiNoen, Indonesia, 2014, 12 mins.)
Through four visual fragments, we were brought into the hall a sequential circuit that seems disjointed: from the dramatic and thrilling events in the night, then to the light of day. We see it as a whole piece of fragment creation of the line of a geographic realm in contrast thick.
In het kader van de beeldententoonstelling SONSBEEK’16: transACTION vertoont Focus Filmtheater Arnhem in de periode van zondag 5 tot en met zaterdag 11 juni 2016 het minifestival ARKIPEL dat samengesteld is door twee programmeurs van het ARKIPEL Jakarta International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival. Het uit tien thematische blokken bestaande programma is niet alleen verbonden met het thema van SONSBEEK 2016, transACTION, maar focust ook op allerlei regionale, sociaalpolitieke en economische kwesties en recente veranderingen op de mondiale politieke kaart.

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