Expat Cinema: System Crasher

Expat Cinema: System Crasher

Nora Fingscheidt - Germany - 2019 - 119 minuten - taal: German - ondertiteling: English
  • 12 jaar en ouder
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You might have been in Focus Filmtheater before, watching an English spoken movie or even a movie without any dialogues at all. But we are aware that you might miss a lot: so many wonderful movies are made by talented directors from all over the world, spoken in many different languages. Rather frustrating isn’t it. No more despair: from now on we are going to show English subtitled films. Every Wednesday at 19:00, to start.

About System Crasher

A wrenching tale of a foster child pushing a system to its limits. System Crasher picked up the Alfred Bauer Prize at the Berlinale and was the German entry for the Oscars.

Nine-year-old Benni is a system crasher: a foster kid whose behaviour is so out of control that she cannot be placed with families. Given over to social services by her hapless, abused mother, she is a whirling dervish of a child, intelligent and verbose one second, screaming and violent the next. When social worker Micha takes Benni to stay at a cottage in the woods, she discovers glimmers of a childhood she never experienced. But the idyll can only last so long and her return to civilisation will challenge the kindness of all those trying to save her.

A no-holds-barred, deeply humane glimpse into the fraught and at times impossible world of child protection services, System Crasher is driven by a powerhouse performance from Helena Zengel as the cyclonic Benni, with a dynamic soundtrack and visuals to match.

'Mesmerising … Helena Zengel is a firecracker in her performance as Benni who, much like her character, cannot be contained. Her bold young eyes constantly reek of desperation and power that is remarkable for an actress of her age.'

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