Expat Cinema: Hors Normes

Expat Cinema: Hors Normes

Eric Toledano & Olivier Nakache - France - 2019 - 114 minuten - taal: French - ondertiteling: English

The first edition of our new concept Focus Expat Cinema; foreign language movies with English subtitles!

You might have been in Focus Filmtheater before, watching an English spoken movie or even a movie without any dialogues at all. But we are aware that you might miss a lot: so many wonderful movies are made by talented directors from all over the world, spoken in many different languages. Rather frustrating isn’t it. No more despair: we are going to show English subtitled films from January 15, 2020. A few times a month, to start.

The first film you’re about to see is Hors Normes by the French directors Eric Toledano and Oliver Nakache (yes indeed, they made Intouchables as well!). The screening starts at 19:00, after a short introduction. Because this is the first of hopefully many enjoyable expat cinema evenings, we’ll offer you cheerful company and a drink afterwards.

In this Focus Expat cinema project we collaborate with Arnhem Together.

About Hors Normes

Hors Normes (the Specials) is based on true events, with beautiful performances from actors Vincent Cassel and Reda Kateb. Bruno (Cassel) has been running a shelter for severely autistic children for more than 20 years. When parents and care institutions are absolutely desperate, they give Bruno a call, because Bruno is always thinking in solutions. His good friend Malek (Kateb) trains young people from problematic neighbourhoods to supervise the children. During that process, humorous and confrontational situations alternate and special friendships develop.

Directors Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano are well known for their successful films Intouchables, Samba and C’est la vie. Their latest film, Hors Normes (The Specials), is the most personal to date. Four years ago the directors made a TV documentary about their two friends Stephane Benhamou and Daoud Tatou. Noting that their story was too special for the small screen, they transformed their material into a beautiful, relevant, very moving, and genuine film that shows us how difficult it is to maintain a safe environment for autistic people, as well as also how important fair and human mental health care is.