Open air cinema: Asian Animated Shorts

Open air cinema: Asian Animated Shorts

diverse filmmakers - 2020 - 75 minuten - taal: diverse languages - ondertiteling: English

Deze film is tijdens de Kerstvakantie te zien in onze dakzaal, in de openlucht! Bekijk het hele dakprogramma en alle spelregels hier.

Samen met Asian Movie Night en KloosterKino organiseren we het Asian Animation Short Festival. Te zien is een bijzondere selectie van acht korte Aziatische animatiefilms. De films zijn Engels gesproken/ondertiteld.

(ENG) This program is English spoken/subtitled and screened on our rooftop (open air).

For a refreshing and exciting collaborative event, Asian Movie Night is teaming up with KloosterKino and Focus Filmtheatre to bring you a program of Asian Animation Shorts!

It is a very special selection of short films exhibiting a diverse set of cultures stemming out of Asia for a first-time screening in Arnhem.


Cat Days – 11 min
Jiro, a little boy, feels sick. His father takes him to the doctor’s. She diagnoses a harmless condition. But it shakes the core of the boy’s identity.

Beyond Noh – 4 min
Beyond Noh rhythmically animates 3,475 individual masks from all over the world, beginning with the distinctive masks of the Japanese Noh theater and continuing on a cultural journey through ritual, utility, deviance, and politics.

Sister – 8 min
A man remembers his childhood memory of growing up with an annoying little sister in 1990s China. How would his life have been if things had gone differently?

Mt. Head – 10 min
A cherry tree grows on the head of a man.

Run Rostam Run – 12 min
Rostam – the old Persian national her – should travel to the future and come to Tehran 2017, in order to make up for what he has done to his own son. In Tehran, he doesn’t know whether to choose the legal or illegal way to reach his legitimate goal.

Kick-Heart – 13 min
A love story between two people that each have a secret to hide. One a pro-wrestler, the other a Nun. Losing never felt so good.

West Question East Answer – 7 min
Communication can be difficult when cultural and historical backgrounds are so distanced. A Korean grandmother and her German granddaughter try to work it out.

Love at the Crossroads – 6 min
Love triangle between Kkum and Hyeon-sil with me.